Alpha male tycoon Versus political grande dame

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton face-off in the ring

The dust having settled on the first of three public debates between Donald Trump, business tycoon and alpha male, and Hilary Clinton, a 69-grandmother and grande dame of American politics, both vying for what many consider is the most powerful position in the world – below are two short analyses as to who won.

The first by my good self was for Donegal’s Highland Radio, the largest regional radio station in Ireland, in conversation with the station’s most popular host and former managing director, Shaun Doherty.

The second is a former journalist colleague of mine in the US, Stephen Farnsworth, now political science professor and founder of the Center for Leadership and Media Studies, University of Mary Washington, multi-book author and national commentator with The Washington Post, Reuters, The Chicago Tribune and MSNBC.

With two months still to go until election day and two more public debates, there is still time for a change of fortunes

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