Digging For Dracula

Printed in a black, hardback, silk-lined limited edition, DIGGING FOR DRACULA (a unique book-in-a-coffin) is the only book written by an Irish author honoring Dublin-born Bram Stoker’s classic Gothic novel in its 100th year of publication. A suitable centennial comemmoration.

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‘Digging for Dracula’ is an esoteric book that takes you far and wide through time and space on a search for literary and historical truths and the meanings of centuries-old myths.
Through its the pages you will travel deep into the Carpathian Mountains and to the mysterious island of Snagov just outside Bucharest – places closely related to the medieval warlord Vlad Tepes the Impaler upon who’s ruthless character some say the arch vampire was fashioned; to a cliff-edge in the English port of Whitby, a pivotal place in the classic novel; and to ‘Tinseltown’ to meet some of the people who brought the Dracula legend to the silver screen.
You will also meet mummies in the dry, limestone crypt of St. Michan’s Dublin where it is believed Stoker gained Gothic inspiration; the ‘Agony Aunt’ of vampire lovers in New York; voodoo artists in New Orleans; and a warm-hearted soul who drives a hearse by day and drives people into hysterics by night with his hilarious, one-man Dracula cabaret show.
Grasp your garlic and prepare to enter the Lovable House of Horror; the Land of the Living Dead; and much more.
Order your own copy, a limited edition book-in-a-coffin, Digging for Dracula.


Vlad the Impaler

No search for Dracula would be complete without a perilous boat-trip across murky, moss-laden waters to the mysterious island of Snagov, Romania, to find the last remains of Vlad the Impaler, upon whom, some say, Dracula was based. To continue…

Vlad Tepes, Vlad the Impaler

Seated with Stoker

All great writers require peace and quiet to produce their great works of art, so where did the author of the most famous vampire story in the world go. We found out. And we’ll take you there. To continue….

Bram Stoker author of Dracula, Digging for Dracula book

Meet the Mummies of Dublin

It’s strange to believe that dry, parched skin and bones of tall, lanky Crusaders lying in a limestone pit could inspire great writing but then again, Dracula is a strange book.To continue…


Agony Aunt of Vampires

Elfish in nature and enjoying her 70’s as if she was a teenager, Jeanne Youngson has become one of the leading advisers to young and old on all matters vampiric and has set up the world’s only Dracula Museum to stake her claim. To continue…

Jeanne Youngson, Dracula Museum New York, Agony Aunt of Vampires

Dracula Day in Los Banos

A millionaire almond-grower from central California, husband to an Italian actress and a Persian Princes, Vincent Hillyer decided take on a most unfamiliar role. To continue…

Digging for Dracula book, Vincent Hilliard Los Banos

Stinking Roses

A trip through France decades ago led to the launch of America’s most successful garlic festival, complete with ice-cream, toothpaste and wine flavored with the foul-smelling plant, warmly known as the ‘stinking rose.’ To continue…

Gilroy Garlic Festival, Garlic stinking rose, garlic and vampires

A Night Among the Stars

While Stoker died almost penniless, his star character has since made rich those who either directed or acted in movies focusing on his most famous of vampires. We go to Los Angeles to talk to some of them. To continue…

 Holy Cross cemetery Los Angeles, Bing Crosby, Bela Lugosi

The Lovable House of Horror

A pair of Marlene Dietrich’s pink shoes hang from either side of his four-poster bed, but it is his haunting home in the Hollywood Hills that has brought him fame – a priceless collection of paraphernalia from the frightening world of horror movies. To continue…

Forrest Ackerman science fiction, Los Angeles science fiction museum

Land of the Living Dead

The city of floating tombs and the largest population of voodoo practitioners in the world. Surely, the picturesque Lousiana city of New Orleans can reveal some supernatural secrets about ‘those who never die.’ To continue…

Holiwood vampire movies, Dracula movies

Rubber Rats and Victim Beer

When she releases her latest literary work, she climbs into a coffin and a somber carriage pulled by dark horses with back plumes on their heads carry her to her neighborhood bookstore for the official launch. We take a glimpse into the world of Anna Rice, Queen of Vampires, and some of her peculiar merchandise. To continue…

Anne Rice author, writer of Interview with a Vampire

Vorld Vide Veb

When searching for the origins of Dracula, there are bites, and then there are bytes. A search for anything these days inevitably means surfing the web. You can find poems and songs about vampires as well as tips on ways to dress as well as making that most crucial of accessories – the fangs. Why, you can even do The Vampyre Vulnerability Test. To continue…

 Whitch trial, Transylvania vampires stories

Bitten but not Beaten

No book on the subject would be complete without a moonlight night spent in the eerie ruins of the castle of the medieval Count who many believe was a model for the fictional blood-sucker. To continue…

Dracula castle Romania, Vlad the Impaler castle


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