Brainy Branding

Remembering a name and associating it with quality’ – that’s branding.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a banker, a baker, a tailor, a business leader or a non-profit community group manager, you need and should want a strong branding. When you have it, you have respect, trust, customers, funders and, ultimately, more success.

In other words, you have achieved competitive advantage.

See article “Community Leaders Undergo Media Training.”

But proper branding isn’t easy. That’s why companies spend tens of millions of Euro every year – year after year – to achieve it. And then millions more to maintain it.

Key elements of branding are manifold, ranging from eye-catching letterheads and logos to interesting events. All have one aim – to trigger a readiness in people to support and stay with you whether that means donating money, participating in activities, becoming a client or volunteering their services. In time, a strong brand identity takes on a life of its own and becomes a magnet to draw people to you.

FIOS has been involved in branding of a wide range of organizations including national media, event organizing companies and community groups and associations, both in Ireland and abroad. It brings this considerable experience to bear in its BRAINY BRANDING coaching programme.

Among the elements of this programme are –

  • Understanding the concept of branding
  • Branding benefits specific for you
  • How to evaluate your brand
  • Improving your brand – making memorable mission statements
  • Developing logos and letterheads
  • Websites – an integral part of branding
  • Refining ethos and attitude among clients and committee members
  • Accessing greater brand promotion opportunities


  • Strong brand creation
  • Improved brand communications operations
  • Specific ‘brand package tool-kit’
  • Achieve overall consistency


  • More successful activities and events
  • Stronger client and membership campaigns
  • More funders
  • Expanded lobbying capabilities
Contact us to arrange a course tailored to your needs.